We are offering some kinds of entertainment, such as bike rental, playground for children and barbeque. It´s perfect to rent a bike for the day and ride around the lake. The distance is 37km, mostly flat road, with great views of the area, lake and birds. There is also the possibility of hiking in the area. There are many different trails, for short or longer walks. We provide you all necessary information for these hikes. There is an information center for tourists in the area that is well worth visiting. There is also a swimming pool, nature baths, golf course , cafés, restaurants and bars.

Here you are getting all invormation about all the accommodation, if we have free rooms or you are picing up the keys if you are already booked. Here we have a small store with basic things like toiletries, sweets and everything you need for breakfast. W also sell batteries, postcards and stamps and you can rent bikes. We try to provide our customers with the very best information on the area and what it has to offer, such as where to hike, bike, drive and what to spend your time on while you are staying here in Mývatn.

We rent out mountain bikes, for half day, full day or more days on request. We also provide information about biking in the area, suited to each client. There is for example very nice 37 km ride around the lake, with lot to see and do on the way.




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